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Mapp was founded in 1968 by Mr. Mohammad Zarrabiha and started its activity to manufacture plastic injected components. Producing industrial components used in home appliances was initially put on the agenda of this industrial unit.
In 1978, producing drug containers, packaging essentials and print was added to the production domain and succeeded in increasing the production capacities to meet the needs of many pharmaceutical companies such as DarouPakhsh, Osveh, Kowsar and etc.
In 1989, as the objectives of the automotive industry were getting more serious and the need for the entrance of manufacturing companies with high capability and quality felt more than before, MAPP entered as a Polymeric Automotive components manufacturer and it has been one of the key members of supplying chain and has cooperated as a first group manufacturer with big Automotive manufacturers in the country such as Irankhodro and Saipa.
In this regard, MAPP has had an active cooperation in new projects such as Samand, Peugeot 206 and recently in projects such as Runna and Dena. Production of industrial polymeric components used in medical industry, packaging, transportation and etc. is also put on its agenda.
To gain customer satisfaction and constant improvement of process, MAPP utilizes quality control systems and is one of the first five companies in Iran which succeeded to obtain Grade A from Irankhodro and Standard Certificate ISO TS 16949 from TUV NORD.


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