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As the automotive industry develops and expands in the country day by day, MAPP established the laboratory in 1380 and through employing expert and efficient personnel and utilizing advanced equipment and holding the certificate issued by ITRAK in accordance with factory standards (Peugeot, Chrysler, etc.) and national and international standards (DIN, BS, ISO, ASTM) is ready to respond to customers for examinations, consulting and sample-making.

MAPP’s laboratory is certified by ITRAK and all the experiments are conducted according to the customer’s instructions. Furthermore, all the equipments are monitored and calibrated periodically.

Equipments’ description
Heating oven: Conducting heating experiments
Industrial freezer: Conducting cryogenic experiments
Humidity chamber: Conducting aging experiments
Combustion testing device: Conducting combustion experiments (combustibility )
Video Device VMS: Precise measurement of components dimensions
Dynamometer: Measuring component resistance against applied force
Torque meter: Verifying the resistance of screws against stripping
Cross Hatch Cutter: Verifying the adhesion of paint coatings

Laboratory’s capability
Mechanical Testing:
Resistance against impact (Falling Weight) according to the standard D421235
Dimensional measuring (VMS) according to monitoring plan
Dynamo metering according to the given technical documents
Physical Tests:
Heating resistance according to the standard D451234
Cryogenic resistance according to the standard M/600/0103
Aging Testing according to the standard D471309 ( ageing)
Determining combustion rate of materials according to the standard D451333
Resistance against fluids according to the standard C657430
Resistance against humidity according to the standard D475251
Resistance against glass washer liquid according to the standard D451333
Components Covering
Paint coating adhesion according to the standard D251075
Preparation of experimentation samples:
This unit can prepare all the laboratory samples (sheet and dumbbell) according to ASTM and ISO standards through injection for stretching, bending, impact, HDT, Paint staining, combustion speed, and color fastness to rubbing experiments by considering all the given instructions.

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